10 easy ways to kill your blog

10 Easy Ways to Kill Your Blog

If you are a blogger, this is a must read! I will share with you 10 ways to kill your blog. These are some of the things I’ve learned over the years and that always tend to do more harm to your blog than good (if any!).


So let’s get to business, shall we? 🙂

10. Be repetitive on your blog

10 ways to kill your blog - be repetative
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If you really want to kill your blog, this is one of the easiest ways. When you have a blog, you want to give value to your readers. Remember that readers are like you, human. They also have feelings and they also have valuable time that they don’t want to waste.

Being repetitive is pretty much talking about the same thing over and over again. Like this right now. I am repeating myself. Do you get the point? Repetition is bad. Don’t repeat. Ok?

Do you see how annoying that was? I could have taught you something valuable or moved to the next point but I kept saying the same point over and over again.


9. Don’t get subscribers

10 ways to kill your blog - getting subcribers
Phil Coffman

Getting Subscribers means building your own community, and that can be done in many forms. It can be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, RSS, and the list continues.

Remember again your readers are humans (most of the time) and they don’t all use or like the same services.

Not having an option for them to subscribe to your content will surely be an easy way to get them not to come back and be your blog buddies.

My recommendation is to have social media accounts, but focus more on building your email list.


8. Don’t include a search bar


10 ways to kill your blog - search
Charles Deluvio

Honestly, how many of your favorite blogs do you go to and then search for things on it? I can bet if you truly are a blogger and you work hard, you would search for many things on different blogs.

Even if you are not a blogger, you defiantly search for things. So if you want to kill your blog, don’t include a navigation bar and you are set for success on your mission of killing your blog!

7. Don’t work on your navigation




I am ranking this #7 because some other things will kill your blog faster, but for newcomers, this is the #1 thing that will kill your blog! So feel free to go for it if you want to kill your blog straight up!

Having bad navigation means people can’t access content easily. For example, if you have a blog about fitness, and you just create random categories that people can’t relate to, and then not even include all of your categories on your navigation will ensure that your readers can’t access some parts of your websites which surely will kill the love your readers have for your blog!

Try to include the important things on your main navigation bar, and then allow people to navigate deeper through different pages and sidebars.


6. Formatting? what is that?


unformatted text
Unformatted Text


Formatting your blog content is one of the most important things you could do. Having headings, pictures, aligning your text the right way, and etc.

If your blog posts aren’t formatted properly, and this picture is in line with that paragraph of text but it was meant for the previous paragraph, and your text is all in H1 format, or maybe it’s all paragraph formats and no way to tell where the headlines are, then you my friend are set to succeed in your mission of failure!

Keep it up!

5. This is my content don’t share it! It’s exclusive to my blog!

I can’t even picture what the headline for this is.

I literally can’t imagine what those site owners who don’t have sharing buttons on their websites are thinking.

Remember what I keep saying over and over on this post? Your readers are humans! And they have their feelings! So if you write something, and they love it, they naturally want to share it!

So limit them, don’t include sharing buttons, and you are set!

4. Use captchas

If you really want your readers to pull their hair out of frustration add captchas to your website! It’s the easiest way to scare them away from your blog.

I don’t care you have to make your website secure or not!

There are a billion tools on the internet that can make your site secure!

Take a course, hack yourself and secure yourself, and the simplest of all, download “iThemes Security Pro” which blogging tribe offers for a fraction of the cost!

Captchas are simply telling your readers that they are not worth spending a little more time perfecting your website, and you would rather have them prove their humanity by deciphering a Pentagon security code to access your page!


3. Comments are for people with time… not me!


Why did Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those social media websites make it to the top? Because they allow people to interact with the content inside of those websites!

Disable the comments section on your website, and you are set for failure! There are a million tools to allow spam to be filtered out.

The best is Akismet which is 100% free for WordPress users!

If you want to drive your engagement to zero, disable comments and you will be good to go!


Remember, a good audience is an engaged one!

2. Be Obnoxious

Be Obnoxious
Andre Hunter

Alright, you see, again your readers are humans. So if you really want to keep them away, be rude to them.

Be it in the comments section of your blog, or on social media.

Down look them, make them feel dumb, use words that make you sound smarter than them.

Basically be a jerk and you are set to go!

1. Content

Write Bad Content
Mike Tinnion

Content is the #1 thing that makes your readers love your blog or hate it.

Be it ranting about an experience, telling them about this amazing island you visited, a tool they can use, a person they should follow, or a tip on how to do something.

Whatever your blog is about, content is key to your success.

Imagine this, if you visited a website and their content is updated once a month, how would you feel?

EXACTLY! Frustrated & disappointed if their content is good, and pissed off that you wasted a good 5 minutes of your valuable time on that website!

Now don’t write content, don’t keep your blog updated and your readers will forget you ever existed!


Are you doing any of the above mistakes? Do you know a website that does them? Comment below! 😀