7 things you need to start a successful blog

7 Things you need to start a blog today!

Looking for a list of things you need to start a blog? I gotcha!

Starting blogs is hard for some people and easy for others. However, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be hard at all.

There are certain things that if done right, you will have very few problems in the long run

So without further ado, let’s start!


The 7 things you need to start a blog


1. A Domain Name

first thing you need to start a blog is to get a domain name

One of the most important things you need to start your blog is a Domain Name. You can start your blog on many platforms.

Heck, even Twitter can act as a blog if you want. However, it won’t give you the control you will need to really boost your blog.

My reasons for having a domain name:


1. It is professional. You can’t go wrong with a .com or .net. However imagine, bloggingtribe.tumblr.com. It looks ugly!! Doesn’t it?


2. Helps with marketing. If you plan on marketing your blog in any way, you need to have your own domain name so you can constantly track your analytics, build a brand, and scale up easily.


PS: Read my guide on how to pick the right domain name here and properly brand your blog!


2. Fast & Reliable Hosting

second thing you need to start a blog is to get a fast and reliable hosting

Another one of the most important things you need to start your blog is a fast and a reliable host hosting service!

You need fast and reliable hosting. Why? Because with a reliable hosting service, you will be able to sleep at night and not worry if your website will go down.

You also need a fast hosting because if your hosting can’t provide your website fast enough, you will be losing readers since no one likes a slow loading website.


3. WordPress

You can have any other platform to create your blog from. I personally recommend WordPress because of its simple, secure and has millions of plugins that you can use to make your website look and feel good!

Just take a look at the plugins that Blogging Tribe is selling! You would understand how powerful this platform is!

So I personally consider WordPress to be one of the things you need to start a blog. However, if you’d like to go with another option, be my guest!



4. A Good Theme

a good theme blogging tribe - things you need to start a blog

A good theme is one of the very important things you need to start a blog. Your theme is your first impression. If it’s ugly, then your reader’s first impression of you is ugly. if its good, the first impression is good.

Things to look for in a theme:

  1. Looks good.
  2. SEO optimized
  3. Not heavy. Some themes look good but are really heavy so it loads slowly on the browser. You need a theme that loads fast.
  4. Customizable. You need to be able to customize your theme and give it a feeling and a personal touch.


5. An Email List

Email List

Some might argue that building an email list is more expensive than growing a social media account.

I agree!

However, with your email list, you will let go of all the restrictions that social media accounts put on you.

Let’s take for example one of my pages on Facebook. It has over 68,000 followers.


When I post, I organically reach less than 100 people. In my best cases 250 people. That’s out of 68,000!!!!

Click Through rates are even lower because let’s say 10% of people who see your article click on it, that’s 10 people out of 68,000.

Usually, you get something like 4% CTR on your posts on Facebook, if not less.

Now, let’s take an email list of 68,000. If I sent an email, it’ll be delivered to all the 68,000 people. if 10% opened my email, that’s 6,800 people reading my email. With a 4% CTR, that’s 272 clicks to that link!

Those numbers are terrible for an email, but I am trying to compare email marketing and social media side by side with the same stats to show you the potential of an Email List.

The point here is that an email list is one of the most important and powerful things you need to start and grow a blog.


6. Social Media Accounts


Social Media

Social Media Accounts are your social proof to the world. However, you might not get a lot from them unless you work hard on growing, and maintaining them.

If you properly maintain your social media accounts, they truly can be a good source of new readers and new clients.

Here are the social media accounts I focus on:

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Twitter Profile
  3. Instagram Account
  4. Google Plus account.


7. Content

Without content, you will have an empty blog. And that’s boring.

Write some content and you are set to launch your blog. I would recommend anywhere between 2-3 posts that set the tone for your blog.

Some recommendations for writing content:

  • Be personal with your writing.
  • Even if your content is technical, use stories as much as you can.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. It’s ok to write one high-quality post a week, then 7 low-quality posts.



You do need a few things to truly get out there with your blog. However, the one thing you must do is get started. The more you delay the more time you will need to make your blog a true business.

Simply start! Don’t hesitate, just start!