8 Crucial edits to do before you publish another blog post

8 Crucial edits to do before you publish another blog post!

It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare!

To create a good post and then one of these happen:
– An influencer shares it
– It goes viral
– Or you start to drive traffic to it good things!
but then… you receive an email or worse, a comment, from one of your readers pointing out a spelling error, or a bad structure.
Of course, editing isn’t about fixing spelling and grammar issues. It’s also about shaping your blog post, and in this post, I’ll show you the 8 edits that you must do to avoid that embarrassment!
Here are 8 steps to edit every blog post before you publish from now on to avoid looking unprofessional!

1. Your Blog Post Introduction

Make sure your introduction has a hook in the very first line. What will the reader gain from this post?

Here are 2 tips for your introduction

– Avoid overly long introductions. No one likes to read and read and read only to realize they just spent the past 5 minutes reading an introduction.

– Mention something that is scary to get your readers hooked and keep reading. A lot of people like to mention something good, but if you are a fan of Tony Robbins like I am,  then you’d know people will more likely to work hard because of fear of a pain than to seek a pleasure. So use pain points and fears as much as you can!

An example of using a pain point or fear is how I started this post!

2. Use Subheadings In Your Post

Just imagine having to read this post with no subheadings. Would you ever consider saving it for later when you need to edit a blog post? Would you consider the possibility of using it as a reference at all?

Unless your post is very short, add subheadings to break it into sections. This helps all your readers, those who skim and those who read every word.

3. You MUST Have Visual Breaks

Create white space in your post wherever possible.

If you can put something into a bulleted list, do it. Images are also great for this, but make them relevant. For example, I added the Image above to compliment this exact point. You can take a look at Blogging Tribe, white space is very important and creates a sense of focus and peace.


4. Remove Un-needed Stuff from Your Post

Delete anything that isn’t relevant to your post, no matter how witty, clever, or well-written it is. We live in an age where people’s attention span is short, so you need to give them the things they need as fast as possible.

Some of the things you should remove are irrelevant pictures, or rants that don’t have a specific point, or anything really that’s irrelevant to your post.


5. Conclusion – Close your post with style… & Call to action!

Make sure your post has a conclusion. In your conclusion, you can give a call to action, such as leaving a comment, sharing your post, or even buying your product. Make sure it leaves a good impression on your readers!


6.  Make your post simple, because it’s humans who will read it! 

Read your post out loud.

Are any of your sentences too long? Are some a bit of a tongue-twister?

Listen to how your writing sounds, and split up or rewrite any sentences you struggle with. Here are things to make sure your post DOESN’T have:

  • Long or complex sentences.
  • Long paragraphs.
  • Complex words (eg. Instead of “Obtain”, use “get”).
  • Does it sound like you are human? or does it sound like was written by a robot?


7. Link to other posts on your blog!

Linking to other posts on your blog is always a good idea. Linking to posts inside your blog is called “internal linking” and that has 3 major benefits:

1. Google will love your website for the internal linking and helps it navigate your website.

2. Your readers will LOVE you for linking to things that are relevant to what they are reading!

3. It also helps new readers dig more deeply into your work, and increases the chances they’ll stick around.


8. Before publishing

Before you hit the publish or schedule button, ensuring:

  • The post is assigned a category and/or tags
  • Include a featured image for your post
  • Preview your post to make sure it looks good on your blog.
  • Then schedule your post to appear at a future date or publish it right away.


There is always a chance you might miss something or two.

After doing all the above, my #1 recommendation for you is to make sure you would read what you just wrote.

Most people simply write as if their readers are some peasants who should be grateful for what they are given.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes! Would you read your own post if you landed on it? If the answer is not 100% yes, then you have to make sure you improve your article or else you shouldn’t expect a longterm success.

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