Awah M.


About Me!



I am a growth hacker!

I am not just a blogger, a social media marker, or a "coach"! 

I do everything because you need everything to succeed online!



I am a trouble maker!

Yes, you read that right! I love experimenting and testing so much to the point everyone hates me!

No they don't hate me... yet! :D





Want to hear a weird story?

So, I am African, and more specifically, Sudanese. Yes, that country that used to be the biggest country in Africa?
I grew up wanting to be someone different. Someone who can help the world in a positive way.
The way our world is set up is some people are likely to be left behind because of one of the following:

+++ Country they are from
+++ Their Religion
+++ Their Color
+++and sometimes… their accents

I had all of the above “wrong” according to society and politics. I am from Sudan, I am Muslim, and I am black! Also, I speak Arabic as a first language so I have an accent!
What happens is people, trust you less, or simply don’t see you professional enough or simply: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
When I was 6, I moved to a country called Rwanda (in Africa as well), and opportunities were limitless!
So moving to Rwanda opened a lot of doors for me since it’s not penalized. By age 10, I had an addiction to starting a business. Seriously I was addicted (I still am).

But again…

Money wasn’t there! I mean I had cash which was worthless online!

So how do I go from no money to influential?

I had no choice but to learn! I learned how to design websites, how to write code, and eventually got fluent in 22 programming languages that I used to get what I need done.
Simply put: if I want a theme, I would design it! If I wanted a software to organize my tasks, I would code it!

Eventually I was able to access VISA Cards!

Oh, My God!!!

That was like entering heaven!
I started buying the themes and plugins instead of designing them myself!
it also got too expensive!
but I kept going…

Time goes by… and I find myself in college, studying in the United States, and I realized I literally had 2 majors, Aerospace Engineering, and Aviation, and I minored in Computer Science, Math, and Physics!

You have no idea how much load that is! But who can beat down a bad boy huh? 😉
Throughout that time, I still kept trying to “make it” but was failing because of school, and the amount I had to spend!

So I get depressed, stopped school and move back to Rwanda. This time with one goal, build my business, and then go back to school!

But again, I am from Sudan, so accepting money online was impossible! I kept trying anyway, investing money in learning through practice, and I managed to learn every single step of the way!

I learned things like:

+++ Build a website with the customer in mind
+++ Drive Traffic both paid and free.
+++ Viral Marketing
+++ Blogging
+++ Social Media Marketing
+++ Branding
+++ Growth Hacking
Literally everything there is to learn! I averaged 100+ books a year and just kept learning and practicing!

As I kept learning, I got a job as an Accountant for Multi-Million $ construction company, then got raised to CFO then Country Director.

If you ask me how that happened: I HAVE NO IDEA!!!

2.5 years later, and after trying every single solution:

I was allowed access to payment gateways!
I owned a company in the United States
I had an American Bank Account (the holy grail)
I was in!

Again: Oh, My God!!

But here is what I found out… Despite the many resources available online for free, none actually shows you exactly how to go from start-up to a successful blogger, or even a successful online business. it’s all theory.

Throughout the years, I figured out what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, I found out exactly what needs to be done to succeed. It’s simple really. Here is a peek:

Start -> Drive Traffic -> Optimize -> Convert sales.

But in reality, it’s a lot harder really because every part of the funnel is important and every word needs optimization. This is what I hope to help you achieve with my website!

u got this!