How to install wordpress step by step

How to install WordPress

Want to start your blog fast so you can focus on what actually matters? The trick is, Install WordPress and get started in less than 5 minutes!

We will install WordPress, the blogging platform that almost 30% of the internet uses! It’s crazy awesome and even this website (Blogging Tribe) is using it!


So in this post, I will mostly share with you videos to help you get started fast. Next, I will show you a few things to do while installing.

But first… Why WordPress?


WordPress is by far the easiest platform to use for blogging. I know there are many other platforms out there like Ghost and others.


However, WordPress beats all of them. If you have another software in mind, go ahead! It shouldn’t stop you from success.


WordPress is known as the most popular blogging platform and content management system.  It’s also well known for its ease of installation and usage!


WordPress has by far the best community support out there and themes as well as plugins support!


All best WordPress web hosting companies allow you to install WordPress with few clicks. In most circumstances, installing WordPress is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete.

What do you need before Installing WordPress?

A domain name and hosting!


Well, you need a domain name and hosting. That’s it! Seriously!


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You can pimp your WordPress blog later on, but for now, if you have a domain name and hosting, let’s just get you started! ?

Installing WordPress with Softaculous!

Softaculous is the easiest way to install WordPress. In this video by WP Crafter, you will see exactly how to install it. Softaculous is provided by most major hosting companies including Namecheap, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Host Gator, inMotion Hosting and so on.

PS: It’s pronounced “Softa-cu-lous”. This guy is funny that way. Btw, you should follow him on Youtube (here), he’s such an amazing guy and taught me a lot of things!



Installing WordPress in DigitalOcean


As you already know I love DigitalOcean with all my heart! Yes, seriously I do! (don’t laugh at me!).

DigitalOcean is a VPS provider that’s so amazing I always go back to them no matter what other companies I try. They have cheap plans and they also allow you to easily upgrade your VPS servers if you need to!

Watch the video below to learn how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean



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** PS: You can also check out this blog post that I wrote to show you how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean

Your Todo List:


If you haven’t already gotten a domain name and hosting, please go ahead and do that now.

If you need to know how to pick the right domain name, then check out my post here (What domain name and hosting to get for a Blog)

Then follow the videos above to install WordPress, or simply search for tutorials on installing WordPress on your hosting provider.

Once WordPress is installed, you will be good to go!