Top 7 must have WordPress plugins for 2018

Top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For 2018!

Want to boost your blog for 2018? Here are the top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2018!

In this post, you will:

  1. Find out the top 7 Must have WordPress Plugins for 2018.
  2. Learn why they are so important.
  3. See how you can get it for FREE right now!
If you ever used WordPress before, you’d know the importance of Plugins. They are more like the apps you use on your iPhone.

What they do is add features to your blog that make it more awesome! Just like with your iPhone, plugins allow you to accomplish tasks without having to code anything yourself! And when it’s WordPress we are talking about, the sky is literally not the limit!


So first, I will tell you the top 7 must have plugins for 2018 and at the end, I will show you how you can get them all for free and 100% secure, malware and virus free and legal way!
Ready? Let’s dive in!

The Top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2018

 Here are the top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2018! Enjoy!

1. Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO is a free plugin that helps you optimize your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps you with your keyword research, your onsite SEO, and a few other things.

The free version is great! It’s remarkable really. However, it lacks a few features like:

  • You have to manually look up related pages to create links.
  • You have to do your own content analysis.
  • You have to think of creating a redirect yourself each time you delete a page.
  • You can only see how your page will look like on Google Search.

The premium version, however, adds all those missing features to really amplify your SEO efforts like:

  • Optimizing for up to 5 keywords so you can target more than 1 keyword on your posts.
  • Automatic redirects in case you deleted a post or changed the link, it automatically redirects the old link to the new one.
  • Internal Link suggestions so you don’t have to wonder much about what posts to link to on your website.
  • You see the 5 words or phrases you use the most on your page, to check if they’re a match with your chosen keywords.
  • And you get to see how your post will look like if shared on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

This is the reason why I think Yoast SEO Premium is one of most Must-Have WordPress Plugins ever just the fact that it does the redirects for me I am good to go!

2. WP Rocket

We all want fast websites, right? No one likes waiting around for pages to load. Caching ensures that visitors can access web pages at far higher speeds, thus improving engagement metrics and making the world a better place.

However, caching can be confusing to the point of overwhelming. I say that from personal experience – epic settings screens jam-packed with jargon make me cry inside (and sometimes outside).

That’s where WP Rocket comes in! It’s by far the easiest caching plugin I’ve ever used and really does an amazing job! It helped Blogging Tribe go from 5 Seconds Load time to 1.5 seconds literally in less than 30 minutes of testing it!

Some people wonder if caching is really necessary. In simple terms, WordPress sites get slower as they get ‘older’, more complicated, and more bloated with trucs (that’s French for ‘stuff’ – just wanted to get that in there). So YES! You do!!


3. Google Analytics for WordPress by Monsterinsights

Let’s talk about money ?

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights is a free plugin that allows you to integrate (connect) your blog with Google Analytics.

This plugin makes life so much easier by allowing you to change themes without ever losing your tracking data. If you’ve ever had to change themes, then you’d know how much of a pain it is to reinstall your tracking data and how painful it is to realize a few days later you forgot to add it!

I personally recommend this plugin and it’s free (the only free plugin in the list). So you won’t lose a thing!



4. iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin

iThemes Security Pro is also a premium WordPress Plugin that helps you secure your website! It does what most other security plugins do which include:

  • Daily security scan for your website.
  • Malicious attack blocks.
  • Brute Force Protection.
  • Secure the core WordPress files.
  • Block connections to your WordPress site from unauthorized API access (I didn’t know this was actually a problem till recently!

But my favorite feature is it allows you to have a bank style OTP (One time Password)!

Seriously I thought this was a bank thing! Now anyone with access to the website be it a subscriber or an Admin get to have two step logins if they choose! By default, Admins MUST have two-step logins where they first login with their email and password, and then they check the Google Authenticator App on iOS or Android, and get the second password to fully log in. The second password changes I think every minute or so.

So even if someone stole your password, you’d still be safe because they’d need another password that changes every minute or so!

Isn’t that super cool?


5. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin


I can never say enough about Thrive Architect.
This plugin is responsible for thousands and thousands of leads for my businesses!


I use it to design every single landing page I need! It comes pre-packed with a 220+ landing page designs that have conversions in mind! (Yes it’s not just advertising! My lowest converting landing page had a 38.5% Conversion Rate!)
You can modify those templates or you can create whatever landing page you want with it!


6. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus WordPress Plugin
Backing up your website might seem like a not very important thing. However, take from me, a guy who has been blogging for over 10 years now, Backing up your website is the most important thing you should do after securing it!


Updraft Plus is by far the easiest to configure and use. It allows you to back up your website to Amazon S3, Google Drive, DropBox and many more services.

7. Easy Digital Downloads – Recurring Payments

Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments Plugin Add-on
Easy Digital Downloads, in my opinion, is the best plugin to use to sell digital products! So if you plan to sell eBooks, Software, Courses or anything that’s digital, this is just for you!


The Plugin its self is free to download and use, through the WordPress Plugins directory. However, the add-on is priced at $419 for Unlimited Sites.


The reason I am recommending this specific add-on is more a business model mentality. Yes, you can sell a product one time. However, lead acquisition costs are increasing, therefore, instead of focusing on selling a product once to your customers, why not keep them?


Do the math. If you can spend $1000 on ads, acquire leads for your business, make 100 sales of a one-time payment product worth $20, you’d make $2000. Yes, that’s great!


Now let’s say you spend the same amount, $1000, but make fewer sales, let’s say 50 sales. However, this time you are charging the same amount $20 a month. The first month you’d make $1000 which is break even. The next month, you’d make another $1000 from those same leads you got! now that’s $1500 and the cycle continues.


This allows you to focus more on helping your customers instead of focus on driving new sales.


This is what this plugin is for! It allows you to charge your customers recurring fees for the products they use. This changes your business 360 degrees, doesn’t it?

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  • laserconstruct says:

    Hi Awah! That’s a very niche collection! Thank you very much for this post and I appreciate the plugins giveaway, it literally came on time for me. I recently lost my blog due to a malware and since I didn’t have any backups, I couldn’t fix it in time. So I appreciate you giving out Updraft plus as one of the plugins!

  • Hello there, you collection is great.
    If you want to monitor and keep track of all the activities occurs on the admin side then you can try User Activity Log WordPress plugin. It provides a very easy user interface to manage your site’s user roles.