The ultimate guide to starting a viral site like buzzfeed

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Viral Website Like Buzzfeed

Want to build a website like Buzzfeed?  With countless websites on the Internet, standing out and becoming a viral site like Buzzfeed may seem impossible, unless you have the right strategies in place.

This post will teach you exactly how to successfully build a viral media blog and get your articles to go viral by attracting thousands of visitors daily.

Once you harness the power of your viral blog, you’ll be able to generate extra income online using the right monetization strategies!

After you finish this post, you’ll be totally confident in your ability to create a viral website that will get people talking while generating profits for you!

Who is this guide for?

  • check
    Anyone without any specific expertise but wants to make an income online
  • check
    For both newbies and professional bloggers

Requirements: The things you need to build a viral blog

  • 1
    Your own domain name. So don't use a free blog to build this, instead get your own domain name like for example.
  • 2
    Be willing to put in the work because this might take you a few tries till you get it right and see the power of it!

The difference between a viral blog and a traditional blog

  • check
    Sharing entertainment
  • check
    For people looking for distractions
  • check
    No expertise Needed
  • check
    Requires a small upfront capital
  • check
    Takes very little mental effort 
  • check
    Doesn't need to be original (as long as you reference your source)
  • check
    Doesn't need hours of preparation
  • check
    Slightly unpredictable since you can not predict what will go viral or not
  • check
    Income is unpredictable as well!
  • check
    Sharing information 
  • check
    For people looking for education
  • check
    Requires expertise 
  • check
    Might require a slightly bigger capital
  • check
    Takes serious effort! 
  • check
    Needs to be original and unique because you are sharing your expertise.
  • check
    Does need hours of preparation
  • check
    Predictability is irrelevant because every post has a specific purpose.
  • check
    You can perfect your funnels to increase your income!

Step 1: Getting the domain name and hosting

When buying a domain name for a viral blog there are a few things to consider. 

  • 1
    Make sure the domain name you choose isn't serious in anyway.
  • 2
    It can include the word "viral" in it but you can choose whatever is funny and entertaining.
  • 3
    Make it fun and easy to remember. 
  • 4
    Choose a domain name that doesn't have a specific topic (make it a general domain name not a niche domain).
  • 5
    Doesn't include "-" in it! So is a big no!
  • 6
    A .COM domain is good but you can get whatever domain extension you want! 

So what we will do is head over to It should look something like this:

Head over to to start searching for a suitable domain name for your viral blog

Namemesh will combine words for you to show you available domains, and it will also check if the domain name is available for purchase or not and filter out all the unavailable domain names!

On the search bar use the following formula for an easy way to get available domain names:

"viral" + "a fruit or an animal or whatever is funny in your head"

For example, I could search for "Viral Puppy". Here is what I get in return

seaching for viral puppy on

And from there on, look for available domain names that you like! 

If you don't know how to buy domain names yet, watch this short video on how to buy your first domain name!

You don't believe me when I tell you that you can actually get any domain name you want? Check these websites out!

But honestly with viral websites, it doesn't really matter what domain name you get as long as its easy to remember and sounds fun!

10% of your viral blog is Complete!

Step 2: Install WordPress for your viral blog

Once you have your domain and hosting, it's time to start building your viral blog! First thing we need to do is install WordPress for your new viral blog.

I will move quickly through this because you can find a guide anywhere on the internet and I've written one as well. Click here to read the guide on installing WordPress!

Alternatively, you can watch this quick video on how to do so!

15% Complete of your Viral Blog! Good Job! Keep going!

Step 3: Install a viral theme for your blog! (Hidden Surprise!)

If you are completely new to WordPress or this is your first website ever, a theme is basically the design of your blog or website!

When you want to get a theme for your viral blog, consider the following requirements:

  • 1
    Can display lots and lots of images on the home page! (Basically looks really good and has lots of graphics on the home page)
  • 2
    Loads fast - No one likes slow loading websites
  • 3
    Has sharing capabilities (A MUST HAVE)

Option 1: Bimber Viral Magazine Theme (Recommended)

Bimber is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package.

For the purpose of this guide, I will be using Bimber as a reference for the rest of this guide. 

PS: I am giving away the Bimber theme! Read more about it below, and if you like it, you'll be able to get it for free!

Some of my favorite features of Bimber viral magazine theme include:

  • 1
    Create listicles with images, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds
  • 2
    Popular, hot and trending lists
  • 3
    Fancy badges for popular, hot, and trending posts
  • 4
    Paginated posts with big, bold navigation
  • 5
    Share count visibility threshold – no more “0 shares” messages
  • 6
    View count visibility threshold – no more “1 view” messages
  • 7
    Comment count visibility threshold – no more “0 comments” messages
  • 8
    NSFW posts (Not Safe For Work)
  • 9
    Maximize Time on Page with “You may also like”, “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections

Check out this infographic that highlights most of Bimber's features

bimber viral magazine theme infographic

Option 2: A Free theme available on (Not recommended but works)

Your second option is to get a free theme. The best one I know is offered by "mythemeshop". It's called "SociallyViral". Here is how it looks like: 

SociallyViral theme for a viral blog

It's a nice theme that's light and display more graphics than text which makes it great for viral blogs!

I used it a while back and it was a little hard to customize, but it still works! It was last updated in April 19, 2016 and has around 3000 active WordPress blogs using it now which means it's pretty good for a free theme! 

Of course it has a premium version with all the juicy stuff, but if you like this one, you can download it using the buttons below! 

20% Complete! Your viral blog will be ready soon!

Step 4: Set up your viral blog and make it ready for posts!

Once you have the theme you want for your viral blog, the next step is to set it up!

If you've ever built a website before, you know that just a theme isn't enough. You need to do a few things and in this section I will guide you through the main steps to do so!

Step 4.1: Install your theme

Alright now that you've downloaded your theme, it's time to upload it to your new domain! 

Like I said earlier, I will be using the Bimber viral magazine theme as the primary reference for this guide.

So follow steps below to activate the theme and install your favourite demo. In my case, I will be using the main demo.

  • 1
    Go to the WP admin panel › Appearance › Themes
  • 2
    Click the Add New button

3. Find the file inside the package you've downloaded when you got the confirmation email after filling in the form above.

4. Upload it

  • 5. After few seconds the theme will be installed.
  • 6. Click the Activate button
  • 7. You'll be redirected to demos selection page

    8. Choose the one you want to install. I will be installing the main demo. 

  • 9. Click the Install button. If you want to import full demo content, the All data field must be checked.
  • 10. After about a minute the whole process should complete

  • Step 4.2 : Install the plugins needed 

    Plugins come in two different types. First you have the plugins the themes need to function properly. Those can easily be downloaded from within the theme dashboards or find them in the themes documentation. Just pay attention to what your theme tells you or google your theme's documentations for more information on this.

    The second set of plugins you should get for your viral blog, is plugins you don't need to have the website running, but you might want to have in order to improve your website. 

    Here's a list of the plugins I recommend you get for your blog!

    • 1
      A caching plugin. For a free caching plugins, I recommend WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. For a premium option, I definitely recommend WP Rocket.
    • 2
      iThemes Security Pro
    • 3
      Yoast SEO plugin. You won't be bothering to work on your SEO very much, but it's always a good idea to keep google in mind!

    Step 4.2: Set up your Viral Blog Menus

    Again this is directly related to your theme's documentation. However the concept is simple. Here's a general formula I use when making menus. 

    • 1
      Find out what categories you'll be using in your viral blog
    • 2
      Create those categories
    • 3
      Create whatever links you'll be using 
    • 4
      Add them to the menu
    • 5
      Check if they look good or not!

    I know this might sound like an oversimplified process, but that's really how it is!

    25% Done! We will be getting traffic soon!

    Your viral blog is now 25% ready and so is your knowledge of building viral blogs! Tweet this post and help others too!

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    Step 5: Choose the type of content for your viral blog

    Now that you have your viral blog set up, our next step is to create content that goes viral.

    Wether your content can go viral or not, can't be predicted. Maybe 2 out of every 10 posts you make will go viral. However, there are many things that affect whether your content has an a chance of going viral or not and I intend to teach them all to you right now in this section!

    First you need to know how to make your posts, and yes it's very different from a traditional blog's post! Then we will tackle where you can get the content it's self that's most likely to go viral! Once we you understand those, I will show you how you can create a post in less than 30 minutes!

    You in!? Let's dive right in! 

    When writing a viral blog post, your #1 goal is to make your post more engaging and entertaining and much less educational!

    Educational posts can go viral too, but not as much as entertaining posts!

    Here are some guidelines to help you with the content

    • 1
      Try as hard as possible to include as much images as you can!
    • 2
      If your post needs to have words mostly like "top 100 quotes from chefs in Italy", try to convert some of those words into image quotes (images with quotes in them).  
    • 3
      Include videos too!
    • 4
      People hate reading in general. So always look for ways to reduce what they have to read as text in favor of pictures / audios and/or videos!

    Content Types for a viral blog that will get you traffic

    Not every post type can get viral traffic. So here are some of the content types that will drive the most traffic to your viral blog:

    List style posts (listicles)

    List style post are posts that basically list things. The reason for this is because people like to see things ordered, and at the same time, they just love sharing lists! I am not sure why though but my theory is lists break things down in a way that helps people find what they want, make them feel smarter or simply helps them know what they want more. 

    Here are some examples of list posts:

    • check
      19 ways to use less fuel going to work!
    • check
      29 places to travel to in 2018
    • check
      21 ideas for your next Picnic
    • check
      21 things you know only if you’ve been best friends for 10 years

    The last example is a post from BuzzFeed that got over 1.6 Million shares on social media!

    Don't believe me? Check this screenshot from Buzzsumo out!

    Also if you noticed, all of Buzzfeed's most shared posts are list posts! 

    When dealing with lists for a viral blog, try to not go too crazy about lists. Here are guidelines to follow when making viral list blog posts:

    • 1
      Make it short, not something like 200 things.
    • 2
      Don't go more than 50 things in the list, but also don't make it too little.
    • 3
      The perfect spot for things to list is between 15-30 things in one post.
    • 4
      Pro Tip: Try to make the things you list an odd number. Like 15, 17, 19, 27, and so on. For some reason those tend to get the best results. 

    Emotional Posts

    Emotional posts tend to do really well, not just in viral posts but in anything at all! Appealing to someone's emotions can help you drive more traffic, make more sales and it's one of the best marketing techniques out there!

    Here are some examples of emotional post ideas:

    • 1
      This boy carried his baby brother 111 miles, the reason why will touch your heart!
    • 2
      Son Ignores Mom’s calls - 28 voicemails later, he hears a message that sends chills up his spine.
    • 3
      They were injured in the line of duty, now these veterans are going for gold.
    • 4
      32 things that are worth caring about 
    • 5
      79 rare historical images from the past

    This type of viral posts can be anything that's happy, sad, motivational, inspirational and so on.

    Arts + Design Posts (Recommended)

    Posts about art or design can go viral easily. Simply put together a collection of art pictures or amazing designs that have something interesting about them and you are good to go! 

    The main focus here is on pictures and the more interesting or funny or crazy those pictures are the more viral they will be!

    Here are some examples:

    • 1
      2016 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest’s Best Entries (20+ Pics)
    • 2
      This guy spent 25 years creating an utterly amazon underground fairytale world
    • 3
      This artist creates insanely intricate artworks out of saws
    • 4
      CEO Falls asleep at work and his employees take him on photoshop adventures

    Food (Most popular option)

    Food posts are amazingly popular and having a food post going viral is more often than the others. If you love food like I do, then you'd know why 😀 

    The focus again is on pictures here. Here are two examples of food posts that can go viral.

    • 1
      Mirror Marble Cakes by This Russian confectioner are just too perfect
    • 2
      This artist makes cookies that are too cool to eat but you’ll still want to try

    I am 35% through with creating my new viral blog!

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    Step 6: Create your posts - Post creation strategies

    Now that you understand the different types of posts, and you know what type you'd like to create, it's time to create the post it's self!

    There are 3 types of posts that can go viral:

    • check
      Posts that consists of mainly photos.
    • check
      Posts that consists of mainly videos.
    • check
      And posts that consists of mainly text!

    and in this section, I am going to walk you through how to make each of those 3 types of viral blog post types!

    Creating Viral Photo Posts

    An example of a viral photo post is "27 Pictures of the Scariest Places on Earth". Once you have an idea of what you'd like to create (scary places on earth, most fun places to visit, and so on), it's time to get to work!

    Step 1: Find the pictures you'll be using

    Finding the pictures is by far the easiest thing in this whole process! You'll see how in a bit.

    PS: What I am about to show you is strictly for viral blogs. Doing it for a traditional blog will tarnish your brand. You need to have your own pictures or actually have permission to post it on your website. This same strategy is followed by Buzzfeed and most other viral blogs out there too so it's safe for a viral blog, but from a branding and authority prospective, you should not do it for a traditional blog.

    To find the pictures you want or need for your post, we will be using a few websites for that! These websites can also help you find an idea to post about if you don't know what to post.

    Our goal is to get between 15 - 30 images.

    Reddit is a great resource to turn user-generated content into really good articles. Find a niche-related sub-reddit and check out the most trending posts in your niche.Remember: viral articles are about triggering emotions. Focus on content that can change people’s mood! 

    Go through the posts they have on the sub-reddit you choose. Look for posts that look interesting or spark your ideas.

    Then you could find the pictures in reddit too, or go to the next website I will show you now.


    Imgur is another fantastic resource to find articles with lots of entertaining photos. Pick content with a minimum of 5 pictures.

    Once you load, here's what you should see:

    Note: This is the beta version of It might not look like that now, but soon it will be. But you will still be able to see the things I am pointing to once you know what you are looking for.

    I've highlighted two things. The first is in RED and the other is in GREEN.

    The RED shows you the most viral pictures on the platform and the GREEN shows you how many images are in that post.

    Try to pick posts with 5 images minimum in them (the one I am highlighting in green has 72 images in it).

    So once you find a post that's interesting enough to you, simply copy the images to your computer and copy the link you got them from to a text file because we will be using it soon.

    3. Viral Sites

    Yes, you heard me right. You can get content from other viral sites to your viral blog as long as you reference the main site where it came from so you don't get sued for it.

    Some websites you can follow for such pictures are:

    Step 2: Insert the pictures into your post

    Now that you have 15 - 30 images about the topic you'd like to post about, insert them into your blog post.

    Step 3: Describe each picture you just added

    For every picture you just inserted, write 20 words about the photos to add more information to add substance to your post and not just have it be pure photos.

    Step 4: Preview your post 

    Before you publish the post, preview it and make sure it looks good. Make sure you adjust white space, and check if the post has enough text to make it look good or not. 

    Step 5: Add the essentials to your post

    Now that you like how your post looks like it's time to add a few essential things to your post. 

    • 1
      Add a featured Image. Make sure it's one that will make people want to click over to your post.
    • 2
      Add the sources of the pictures - the photographer or the link you got the pictures from.
    • 3
      Add the category of the post you just made.
    • 4
      Add tags if you use them in your blog.

    Don't publish yet though. We still need to work on your headline skills!

    Creating Viral Video Posts

    The concept is similar to creating viral photo posts, just this time with videos. I'll make this quick for you so here's the process step by step:  

    • 1
      Pick a topic. You can find inspiration from or whatever website you choose.
    • 2
      Find your videos on Youtube by simply searching for your topic and choosing the videos you'd like to add. 
    • 3
      Add the videos to your blog post. If you are using WordPress, simply past the links on the post and it will automatically convert to a video.
    • 4
      Add tags, categories and a featured image. For the featured image, what I like to do is run one of the best videos and pick an image from that video it's self that will make users click on the link to your post.
    • 5
      Referencing here is not necessary because you are embedding from Youtube which automatically references the channel and the source. 
    • 6
      Preview the post. 
    • 7
      If you are good with the headline you can publish your post, otherwise work on your headline a little! 

    Creating Viral Text Posts

    Again it's similar to the above with the exception of this mainly being a text based post, mostly resembling a traditional blog post. This is the least recommended because it's much harder to get it going viral but you can still pull it off it you play your cards right 😉

    For this we will most likely use for getting the inspiration. You can also use Quora for this task as well.

    Simply find a question with lots of answers and pick the top most voted answers for that question.

    For text based posts, we will focus mostly on list posts (listicles).

    Here's the exact process.

    • 1
      Pick a hot topic with a lot of upvotes on Reddit.
    • 2
      Make it a LIST! Remember!
    • 3
      Write an introduction for your list post.
    • 4
      Go to the thread on Reddit, and filter the replies to that "hot" question by "top"
    • 5
      You don't have to have images, but if you include some, it'll help. 
    • 6
      Preview the post. 
    • 7
      Add categories, tags, featured image and publish / schedule.

    My new Viral Blog is now 45% Complete! #hustleing

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    Step 7: Work on your Headlines - The perfect headline "Formula"

    Your post's headline will definitely directly impact how viral your viral blog post will actually go viral. Tongue twister verrry much intended! :p

    The goal is to create headlines that speak to your audience and evoke strong emotions.

    I will show you three types of headlines that you need to know about for your viral blog!

    The Number Headline

    Number headlines are the ones I've been mentioning over and over in this guide. let me give you examples of them again:

    • check
      3 secret ways to trim excess tummy fat
    • check
      16 strategies to taking the perfect landscape shot
    • check
      7 reasons why you should start drinking green tea

    Once you know the number of things you'd like to mention, try to make the next word after the number, one of those words below:

    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check
    • check

    Those words will add a factor of intrigue and curiosity to your headline which should increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) to your post! 

    Here are two examples of how you could change your headlines:


    1) How to eat healthy

    2) How to take good photos



    1) 7 tips to eating healthier so you can get that beach body

    2) 8 Secrets Photographers won’t tell you on taking stunning photographs

    Cynical Headlines

    Cynical headlines play a lot with the psychology of the reader. They provoke strong emotions, play on the reader's fear of missing out, and shows them that there's something they need to know that they don't know yet!

    When writing a post with a cynical headline, it needs to provide a lot of value to the reader because with the strong emotions attached, it might backfire a little if you don't actually show them what you promised on the headline. 

    Here are some examples of such headlines:

    • 1
      8 Lies people have told you about writing headlines
    • 2
      How to be smart in a world of dumb Golfers
    • 3
      What experts don’t want you to know about eating too much meat

    The Ultimate Guide/List/Method Headlines

    As you can guess, this post is an example of such a post! Ultimate guide, list or method are actually meant to be an Ultimate Guide! And the reason most people love sharing them is because of two things:

    • 1
      Share the knowledge with others
    • 2
      To save your post for when they have enough time to read it 

    This type of posts requires the most time out of the other types of posts I mentioned above. When writing an ultimate guide, an ultimate list. or an ultimate method to do something, you really need to make it detailed and thorough. 

    Here are some examples of this type of viral posts:

    • check
      The Ultimate Guide to 100,000 Blog visitors
    • check
      The Ultimate list of Muscle Building Exercises
    • check
      The Ultimate Method to landing a job at Google

    Final touches to your viral post headlines

    Once you've come up with a draft headline for your post, there are a few touches you might want to add to make your headline more interesting to your visitors.

    First, let's add some interesting words that might entice your audience! 

    See if one of those words can go into your viral post headline!

    • Fun

    • Exciting

    • Stunning

    • Free

    • Incredible

    • Amazing

    • Jaw Dropping

    • Unbelievable

    • Mind Blowing

    • Mysterious

    • Thrilled

    • Jealous

    Also, check if your headline DOESN'T include one of these:

    Don't make your headline:

    1. Too long
    2. Too short
    3. Too complicated
    4. Without exciting words
    5. Don’t try playing it safe
    6. Don’t make outrageous claims


    If you get stuck when trying to come up with a great headline, try these tools to help you out with your headlines:

    The last tool I mentioned basically gives you ready headlines you can use for your viral blog post! It could be of great help if you are completely out of ideas of what to write about!

    I am now 65% done with my #viral #blog! My post headlines are now on point!

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    Step 8: Getting Viral Traffic

    Now that you know how to format your blog posts to go viral, our next step is to drive free viral traffic to your blog!

    Coming soon

    I realized that all this at the same time might be too much to handle! So i will be updating this post soon with:

    • check
      How to generate free viral traffic for your blog
    • check
      How to give your viral blog posts a "nudge"
    • check
      How to monetize your blog post! 

    Till then, make sure you comment your questions and share this post with your friends!


    Getting Viral Traffic - The Basics

    When it comes to a viral website, traffic is what makes you or breaks you. So once you have your website set up, and you know how to create posts, you need to start generating traffic for your blog.

    Before we continue, you need to know one thing:

    The quality of your posts is all that matters. Posting useless information isn't going to get you anywhere and will waste your time. So focus on making content that's valuable to your readers!

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    In this section, I will show you:

    • 1
      5 Different Traffic sources for your viral blog
    • 2
      How to use each of those traffic sources
    • 3
      How to Give your viral content a "nudge" to make it go even more viral!

    Without further ado, let's dive in! 

    Traffic Sources: Creating Your Social Media Accounts

    First thing you need to do is understand what traffic sources you'll be using, and start setting them up! 

    So your first step is to head over to the following websites, and create an account in them if you don't already have one!

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4

    For each of those accounts, make sure you set up your profile properly, verify your email address and add the pictures you want to it. 

    Make sure it looks professional, clean and presentable before you start posting on them.

    Traffic Source 1: Stumbleupon

    Driving viral traffic using stumbleupon to your blog

    Stumbleupon is on of my favorite traffic sources of all times! It has the ability to send your website more traffic than you can even dream of!

    Even Forbes on a blog post said that Stumbleupon passed Facebook and any other social media on driving traffic to other websites! Why?

    Because when a user likes, or stumbles, a particular page, it is put into the StumbleUpon lineup. As other StumbleUpon users are randomly searching for new content on a specific topic using the "Stumble" button on their toolbar, any pages in the lineup for that topic will be displayed to them.

    So how can you capitalize on this great network and start getting traffic? 

    The main secret to StumbleUpon success is having great content. Sales pages and product info pages will not get you far, unless you happen to be Amazon or have some kind of extremely popular product like an iPad.

    Poorly written articles and blog posts may get them on there, but users can hit the dislike button just as easily as they can hit the like button and ultimately bury your content.

    What type of content thrives best on StumbleUpOn?

    Some of the most popular things on StumbleUpOn are:

    • check
      Tutorials – if you have a guide that is the "end all" type of guide to a particular topic, then you’re in.
    • check
      Videos – entertaining, informational, or visually stimulating videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video networks can do quite well.
    • check
      Images – the photography community on StumbleUpon is pretty huge.
    • check
      Infographics – most networks love infographics, and StumbleUpon is definitely one of them.
    • check
      Lists – people love lists and will often stumble them for their followers.

    How to use StumbleUpon for your viral blog posts

    Here are some guidelines for you to follow when trying to use StumbleUpOn for your viral blog posts!

    • 1
      Don't stumble everything! You'll be seen as spam and the platform might stop showing your stumbles. Instead, stumble what you think will go viral.
    • 2
      Stumble other people's content too! The rule here is for every 1 post you post from your viral website, stumble 9 other posts that you think are good too!
    • 3
      Find popular posts like the ones you write, and follow those who stumble them.

    Following people on StumbleUpOn is very similar to Twitter. The only exception is it might be a little harder on StumbleUpOn. 

    Here are the steps:

    1. Find a blog post that resembles the type of posts you make

    2. On the top bar, you should see something like this:

    Click on that and once it opens, you should see a page that looks like this:

    I've pointed to user profiles with red arrows. Simply click on them and follow them. Over time, some will follow you back and eventually when you stumble a post, it will go to them, and when they like one of your posts, their followers get it too and so on!

    Increase your chances of users following you back on StumbleUpOn

    Just like any social media platform, if you want to be followed you have to at least complete your profile and make it look good. Here are some guidelines:

    • 1
      Fill out basic bio information like full name, country, and add a profile picture to your account on Settings > Profile
    • 2
      Make sure your interests are set on Settings > Edit Interests 
    • 3
      Before starting to follow people, stumble at least around 100 pages that you like and might find good for your audience. This will show people that you have something of value to add to their stumble queue,
    • 4
      Start following people. You can be aggressive with this or gentle, it's your call! 

    The Problem With StumbleUpOn traffic

    The main problem with StumbleUpOn traffic is the quality of the traffic you are getting. Most of those people are not interested in purchasing. Instead, they want to browse around the web and just look at interesting, funny or entertaining things. But for the purpose of a viral website, this is not a problem at all!

    Traffic Source 2: Facebook

    Going viral on Facebook now is harder than ever. I remember the days when a simple page post would easily reach your audience and from there, they start sharing it, and commenting and clicking over.

    Now it's much harder to do so. That's why to me Facebook is not for "going viral" but mainly for distributing your content to different platforms. 

    I also love using Facebook to give viral content a "nudge" to go a little more viral too! I will explain this part in a bit. For now, here are the basic steps to using Facebook:

    • 1
      Make sure your page looks good with a profile picture, and a cover picture. Also fill out the bio and all the necessary information on the page.
    • 2
      When you make blog posts, publish a link post on Facebook to the blog post. The description of the link post should not be empty. Be a little creative with it by adding a short enticing description of what the post is about.
    • 3
      Try to grow your following a little, but don't over spend on it and definitely DON'T BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS because if you do, you should just delete your page.

    Traffic Source 3: Twitter

    Twitter is similar to Facebook just a little better than Facebook in terms of free traffic. Also going viral on twitter is easier than Facebook!

    Here are the steps you should follow when using Twitter to go viral:

    • 1
      Fix your twitter profile by adding a profile picture, a cover picture and fill out your bio.
    • 2
      Search for your keywords on Twitter. So if you post mainly pictures of dogs being all funny and cute, search for "funny dogs" or "funny dog" or "funny dog pictures". You can search for as many things as you want.
    • 3
      Create an excel sheet or whatever you want to keep track of relevant profiles on the platform that resemble your website or that post similar things to what you post and store the best results you found from step 2.
    • 4
      Go to each profile, and start following the people that follow that profile. Be sure to track which profile has more people following you back because Twitter is know to have lots of fake followers.
    • 5
      If you want to check an account for how many fake followers they have, you can use the tool Twitter Audit to do the check for free.
    • 6
      As you write content, simply share it on twitter with a nice description and hashtags to help your content get more visibility.
    • 7
      To find the top hashtags on twitter, you can check out the top 100 twitter hashtags on

    Here are some resources to help you do better twitter marketing for your viral blog: 

    Giving your viral blog posts a nudge

    As you already know, not everything will go viral and that's mainly because of two reasons:

    • 1
      The content is not good enough.
    • 2
      Not enough people seeing it.

    So if you know your content is good enough to go viral, then we need to have it reach a few more people. What I like to do is give it a small boost using Facebook Ads.

    A boost of $1 will get it infront of many people and if it doesn't perform well, then that post is simply not good enough.

    So let's say you spend an hour everyday to produce 1 post. 

    For the sake of this example, i will use an imaginary post of "Son Ignores Mom’s calls - 28 voicemails later, he hears a message that sends chills up his spine." 

    Here is what I will do step by step:

    First I will post it to Twitter and Facebook. I will look for relevant hashtags, and use those on Twitter. I will make sure the post looks good on both those two platforms.

    I will also publish it on StumbleUpOn.

    • 1
      Publish the post on StumbleUpOn.
    • 2
      Publish on Twitter with the proper hashtags
    • 3
      Publish on Facebook and work on the description and the post image.
    • 4
      Boost the post on Facebook for $1 over the period of 2 days (so 50 cents per day).

    How to target the right people on Facebook

    You don't need to spend more than 30 minutes doing this. So let's first look at the basic things. Who are the most likely people to read this post?

    Age: 18-22 (I prefer 18-22 because they tend to want such content more than the rest, but you can target any age range you want). 

    Interests: BuzzFeed.

    and I think that will do just fine for a start!

    Boosting the post will show it in front of a lot more people than you'd normally get, and that will result in either the post going viral or not. If you get amazing traction on that post, you can increase your boost budget and allow it to reach even more people if you want.

    Step 9: Monetizing your Viral Website

    Making money from a viral website is not hard as long as you write content and drive lots of traffic to your website, you'll be just fine!

    I never recommend monetizing your blog using advertisements, however, for a viral blog publishing entertainment, the best way to make money is through advertisements mainly because the people seeing your posts are not interested in buying. They are more interested in browsing and looking around.

    There are two types of advertising you can do on your blog:

    • 1
      Indirect advertisements (What we will talk about) 
    • 2
      Direct advertisements (Basically dealing directly with advertisers - For another post)

    Indirect Advertisements

    Indirect advertisements are ads provided by an external network based on your content. Your main focus should be getting approval from an advertising platform and place their ads on your viral website!

    If you are just starting your blog, don't apply to any of the following platforms yet, because it can affect your application later on. However, if you already have an account with one of the advertisement platforms I will be talking about then you are good to go!

    There are a number of choices you can choose from:

    #1: Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is the #1 advertisements platform for blogs. They pay well, the ads look great and is extremely easy to install on your blog. They are however a little hard to be approved by. 

    You goal should be to get approval from Google Adsense, because they pay the most out of all the other platforms in this section.

    Here are a couple of criteria your blog should have to have the highest rate of approval from Google.

    • 1
      You must have a well designed site. If your blog doesn't have proper navigation menus and looks like it was made in the 90s, then they won't approve you.
    • 2
      Make sure your site is responsive. This means that the layout changes when someone accesses your site from a mobile or a tablet.
    • 3
      Have original and sufficient content. For the first month of your blog, only write your own content. Don't copy paste other website's articles. Also you won't make much on duplicate content. 

    Here are some examples of how Google AdSense Ads look like:

    Vertical Adsense Ad

    and here's another one:

    Once you have fulfilled the criteria's I told you about above, and you are ready to create your Google Adsense Account, head over to

    Once there click on "Get Started" and you'll have to log in using your Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account yet, you can create one within minutes.

    From there, simply fill the application and submit it.

    If you want an in-depth guide of the Google Adsense Requirements, head over to and read their policies. 

    #2: Adversal

    If your blog hasn't yet been accepted for AdSense, then Adversal is probably your second option. Adversal pays their customers per impression, which means that everytime someone sees the Ad, you get paid!

    They have a good support, payments are reliable and the ads served look great too!

    Here are some criteria to be accepted on Adversal:

    • 1
      Your website must be in English.
    • 2
      You must get a minimum of 50,000 Page Views per month, which isn't hard at all, and you can get it within a month or two of launching your blog!
    • 3
      Your website must be at least 30 days old.
    • 4
      You must also have original content so you can't copy paste content from other websites.

    #3: Chitika

    If the majority of your traffic is from the US, then Chitika will suit you well. Like Adsense, they pay per click, so every time someone clicks on an Ad on your website, you get paid.

    They pay slightly less than Adsense, and their program isn't as good as Adsense but they are also one of the easiest to get approved for!

    To apply simply head over to and follow the instructions on their website.

    Monetize your viral website through content delivery.

    Content delivery shares other website's articles on yours and you make money every time someone clicks on the links. It's an easy way to make an extra income from your blog.

    Here are the content delivery platforms:

    #1: Taboola

    Taboola in my opinion is the best content delivery platform. They have a high Click Through Rate, which means more percentage of people click on their ads. They also show content from the top publishers on the internet. 

    They have a plugin for WordPress and basically help you to easily add content to your blog.

    To apply simply head over to and fill the application for publishers.

    #2: DISQUS

    Not only are they a great commenting plugin, but you can also opt in to their content delivery platform where they place links above your comments.

    The way it works is very simple:

    1. Head over to and sign up for free. Once you sign up, you should see a page asking you whether you want to comment on other websites, or if you want to install Disqus on your own website. It looks like this:

    Choose "I want to Install Disqus on my site". Next it will ask you to create a site, so they can know what the website is all about. Simply fill out your form.

    Once you are done filling the form, click on "Create Site".

    Next the platform will ask you to choose a plan. You don't really need to get a premium plan yet, so for now, choose the free subscription option.

    Simple click on "Subscribe Now" and it will take you to the next step. The next step will ask you "what platform is your site on!?". I use WordPress, so that's what I will choose. If you use any other platform, they have options for almost everything I think.

    In my case I choose WordPress. Now follow the following instructions to get your Disqus Plugin working. First head over to your website, and then....

    • 1
      In the left panel of your WordPress admin, select Plugins > Add New.
    • 2
      Search for "Disqus" and find the plugin provided by "Disqus".
    • 3
      Select Install Now then Activate Plugin
    • 4
      Click "Disqus" in the left panel of your WordPress admin.
    • 5
      Copy the Installation Token and paste it into the form that's shown on the last step of the Disqus page. It should look like this:

    From there on it's quite straight forward. Using Disqus will help you get rid of WordPress commenting, and at the same time allows you to make money out of your blog.

    #3: OutBrain

    Outbrain is similar to Taboola. They provide great content and have a high CTR as well. 

    To apply, simply head over to and follow their instructions.

    The top places to put your content delivery ads for your viral website

    There are two places on your viral blog where I highly recommend putting your ads on:

    • 1
      At the end of each article
    • 2
      On the sidebar of your blog

    You should definitely make use of the wordpress plugins provided by most of those ad providers. Simply head to your plugins-> add new -> and search for the ad network you want to use.



    The majority of your income won't be coming from content delivery programs, but they are a great way to generate extra income from your blog, and make use of the areas that would normally go to waste on a viral website.

    Summary of how to create a viral blog like buzzFeed

    Now that you understand the process in detail, let's create a summary to get you up and going fast without the confusion. I will write the summary in a step by step process so you can simply follow the process and get yourself up and running:

    • 1
      Get a domain name that's catchy, easy to remember and is general purpose.
    • 2
      Get hosting for your domain to host your viral website.
    • 3
      Get a theme for your blog, and I recommend getting the Bimber Viral Magazine Theme.
    • 4
      Fix your blog's menus, colors, images and sidebar.
    • 5
      Create Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpOn)
    • 6
      Fix your social media profiles.
    • 7
      Create 3-5 original entertainment posts and publish them on your blog
    • 8
      If you don't have an ads account, hold on on this step for around 30 days, and then apply for a Publisher account on Adsense, or whatever Ads network you want. Other wise if you already have an Ads account, simply add their Ads to your viral blog.
    • 9
      Start posting your posts on social media slowly as you grow your following.
    • 10
      If you see a post worth boosting, give a Facebook Ads boost for $1 and if it does well you can increase the boost cost.
    • 11
      Keep creating new posts everyday and sharing them on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.
    • 12
      Remember the 90/10 rule, For ever 1 post you share from your viral website, share 9 from other websites.
    • 13
      Remember to focus on Quality. Ugly posts will not go viral. So make sure your posts are good and your website also looks good!

    That's it! Now you know how you can build a viral website from scratch! Once you get the hang of this, you will start seeing amazing results from your viral website. And by results I mean the sky is the limit!

    Also, by going viral I don't mean getting a million hits a day. That's possible but you should aim for 100 hits a day minimum, and try to hit that then go for 200 and 500 and then 1000 visitors a day!

    Spread the love!

    If this article has helped you, please share it with your friends and let them also benefit from it! 

  • sam says:

    That was really an awesome post.
    Thanks for that.
    But, the theme lacks ‘style.css’ file in it. I’m unable to install it.
    It’ll be great if you could solve it!

    • Awah Mohamed says:

      Hi Sam. I just checked the theme and it works.

      Here are the steps:
      1. Extract the file you download.
      2. Once it’s extracted you should see a folder named “wp.finalpack.5.3.3”. Enter the folder.
      3. You will find a zip file inside the “wp.finalpack.5.3.3” folder called “”. Simply upload that to your website.

      Please let me know if it doesn’t work and I will try to see if something else might be causing this.